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But after observation and analysis, when you find that anything agrees with reason and is conducive to the good and the benefit of one and all, then accept it and live up to it."


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November 08, 2013

My Top-16 for Miss Universe 2013 (Part-1)

အဂါၤေန႔ညက MU2013 Preliminary Competition(PC)ကိုု ၾကည့္ျဖစ္ေပမဲ့ မေန႔ညေနမွာ အလုုပ္အင္တာဗ်ဴးရွိတာမိုု႔ စာဖတ္ေနရတာေၾကာင့္ top-16 ပိုု႔(စ္)ကိုု ဒီေန႔မွပဲ ေရးလိုုက္ပါတယ္။ မေန႔ညကေတာ့.. စာေရးဖိုု႔ PCပြဲကိုု ျပန္ၾကည့္၊ ဓါတ္ပံုုေတြ ျပန္ၾကည့္၊ သတင္းေတြလိုုက္ဖတ္ျဖစ္ပါတယ္။ အရင္ေန႔ေတြကလည္း အိပ္ေရးပ်က္ထားတာေတြေၾကာင့္ ဒီမနက္လည္း အိပ္ရာထေနာက္က်ပါတယ္။ :D   ျမန္မာလိုုေရးရင္ လက္ကြက္ၾကာလိုု႔ အဂၤလိပ္လိုုပဲ ေရးလိုုက္ပါတယ္။

Good Day , Everyone. Just one more day to go to Miss Universe 2013 final night and here is my top-16. Enjoy! :)

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

When I wrote "Road To Miss Universe 2013" posts before the competition starts, my favorites are
France, Indonesia, Mexico, Poland, Philippines, Australia and Bolivia. 
After checking their pre-arrivals, activities and photo shoots, I took Mexico, Philippines and Bolivia out from my favorite list and replaced them with Ukraine, Great Britain and Israel. In addition to that, I added Miss Jamaica, Miss Czech Republic and Miss Dominican Republic to my list. So, my updated favorite list before the PC night are ten. They are
Poland, Czech Republic, Jamaica, France, GB, Dominican Republic, Israel, Ukraine, Australia and Indonesia. Their head shots are given below.
My Favorite List before PC show

After seeing the PC show, my opinions changed a lot, most of them did not deliver as expected. Miss Aussie was not impressive and I'm confused to see Miss Ukraine's expression. Miss GB also made a mistake in choosing the heavy gown. During the PC night, I found some other unexpected beauties who caught my eyes. After learning about the new girls, below is my top-16 in no particular order.

~ Paulina Krupińsk (Poland) ~

Before the competition starts, I liked Hiniarni (France) and Paulina (Poland) most. But, during the event ( from Oct 24 before the PC night), while Hninrani didn't deliver as much as I have expected, Paulina stood out and and she was making a progress. From my personal point of view, I really like her personality, she's sweet and outgoing. During the event, I can see her making fun almost all the time, without worrying that she will look ugly or funny.

But, when the time really comes, she becomes very serious and shows her ability and skills. Tony Ward Show will be the best example to prove. Paulina started the show and she is only one who could wear four dresses that night.

Paulina @ Tony Ward Fashion Show

If we talk about her photos, she is consistent, looking great in any sorts of shots, grand shots or candid photos. And, she is photogenic. ( Miss Universe needs to be photogenic cause she has to take tons of photos during her reign).

Another great fact about her is.... she's not only the favorite to Tony Ward, but also to the Russian media. So, I thought myself "Who knows, 2013 maybe a year for Poland to take the crown". But, on PC night, she made my thinking wrong. Her catwalk was great, she has a sweet expression, but, it would be better if she chose two-piece instead of one-piece. At evening gown session, she was still good. I still find her sweet and fresh. But, I feel that her catwalk at Miss Polania is better than that. Another disappointing fact! Her gown is not great and that is her downfall. Anyway, she's still my favorite and I strongly believe that she will easily hit top-15, but, I worry about her advancing to top-5, please change your gown at final night, and bring back your performance you gave at your Miss Polania competition, Paulina.
Paulina @ PC night

~ Gabriela Kratochvilova (Czech Republic) ~

I once said that Ms.Czech is also one of the delegates with short hair whom we need to watch out for.

She, at first, was not in my favorite list, but after seeing photos and videos of the events, she really caught my eyes. Once after I have watched her "Truth and Dare" video, she becomes one of my favorites. I feel that she has Miss Universe materials: sweet and fierce at the same time, girlish, classy and friendly.

With her body, pretty face and personality, plus her bubbling performance on PC night, I think she could enter top-15. Good Luck, Gabriela.

~ Hinarani de Longeaux (France) ~

Hinarani is the girl I like most since after the first glance. But, after she has arrived Moscow, I feel that she's not as good as I have thought. During the MU2013 period, she is just okay and going on with a constant flow. Her photos are not very great and she looks better in the videos. At PC night, she didn't put so much effort in the show, she seemed to be calm... Yet, she was simple and elegant. This will surely impress the judges and I think I could see her is top-15. Her amazingly toned body as well as her exotic and rare beauty will also help. All the best, Hinarani. =)

At Yamamay Swimsuit Video Shoot

At Tony Ward Fashion Show
At PC Night

~ Moe Set Wine ( Myanmar), Rank-16 with Online Vote ~

To be honest, I personally don't like her, not because she is a Chinese, just because I feel that there are better candidates at Miss Myanmar Universe 2013 competition. In fact, at the first look, I liked her most. After that, I found that she was always picked up at every time SkyNet interviewed the MMU girls. The more videos I have seen, the less I liked her. During  the MMU2013 final night, she didn't stand out and she made obvious mistakes. However, she became the MMU2013 (Her waist number 16 was repeated while announcing the semi-finalist ). Some people including the contestants, complained. MMU org responded saying they took only 30% of the final competition result.

Top-5 Finalist, MMU2013
Whatever the case behind this, since she is a Miss Myanmar ( my home country girl) plus she has international height and body, I do support her.
3 ASEAN beauties with great curves ^^
LtoR--> Myanmar, Thailand, Korea

Ms.MM with Ms.Thai
with Miss Ukraine

Lucky enough for her, in the year Myanmar re-enter MU competition after 50+ years, the competition takes place in a country where quite a number of Myanmar people are studying there. During the first week after their first arrival to Moscow, most pageant websites keep an eye on her cause of her body and she was selected for Yamamay Swimsuit show, but, she wasted that opportunity. Her catwalk there was bad. After the Yamamay show until the PC night, I feel that she lacked confidence, but, she regained it on the PC night. Her catwalk was still bad at swimsuit session. She bended her kneels a bit not to fall down while walking. At the evening gown session, she became more confident, improving her catwalk and carried her gown well. She nailed it. You have tried your best, Moe Set Wine. Congrats. :)
Reharsing for PC night

Yes, of course, there are so many out-standers at PC night. They are still far better than our Miss, I agree. But, you guys should acknowledge the fact that we just re-enter this year and she only has two months to prepare. I know she won't be able to reach top-15, but, she still could get rank-16 with internet vote. She has enormous fans who will vote for her. Still, I am worried about her rank-16 since 2011 vote winner was Portugal and 2012 vote winner was Turkey. Good luck, MSW, wish you could win Internet vote.

~ Alexia Viruez (Bolivia) ~

Alexia was in my favorite list before the competition starts. She is gorgeous, a beautiful and attractive face with a great body. 

But, she lacks energy and sweetness during the event. Her web interview wasn't also great. So, I took her out from my fav; list.

Nevertheless, she wowed me when I saw her in PC night. She was confident and calm, delivering well both in swimsuit and evening gown sessions. Her catwalk has a fierce and class. Her red gown is really stunning and match her elegance. Please come back to my fav; list, Alexia :P ... And, Ganbatte for the final night. I'm sure you'll be in top-15.

To be continued... 
ေရးရင္း စာက တအားရွည္လာလိုု႔ ဒီေနရာမွာ ရပ္လိုုက္ပါတယ္။ ဒီညၿပီးေအာင္ေရးဖိုု႔ ၾကိဳးစားပါ့မယ္။

witch83 (08/11/2013; 4:41PM; GMT+8)

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