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But after observation and analysis, when you find that anything agrees with reason and is conducive to the good and the benefit of one and all, then accept it and live up to it."


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November 09, 2013

My Top-16 for Miss Universe 2013 (Part-2)

Let me continue my top-16 list.

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

~ Berrin Keklikler (Turkey) ~

When I read the news and saw the photos of Miss Turkey, I felt that she's small and she wasn't in my fav list. I didn't even mention about her when I wrote about "Road To Miss Universe 2013" posts. But, when the glam shots come out, I notice that she really has a good face. Later, I have read a news that she got the "best face" award from Global Beauties.

I was pretty surprised when she was chosen for Tony Ward Fashion Show, anyway, her performance there was not very impressive.

At Tony Ward Fashion Show
Her "Truth & Dare" was also not interesting. However, she brought a big surprise to me on the PC night. She was amazing that night. She's sweet, classy, girlish and has a expression when she was walking. A great catwalk in both sessions. Her white gown is stunning, Thumbs up and hats off to you, Berrin. I watched her web interview again after seeing her performance on PC night, I came to know that the lot she got for "dare" part didn't give her a chance to show her loveliness. And also, being from a country who is weak in international pageantry area, you become unnoticeable to us. I do wish that you could be in top-15. Love and support from me. Fighting!!!

~ Elmira Abdrazakova (Russia) ~

She's a cutie pie!!! Being a hometown girl, she has both advantages and disadvantages. She will have strong support from her country and a lot of favors from others, at the same time most people will easily say she makes it because her country hosts the competition. After Miss Russia competition, she was discriminated because she is from a minor ethnicity of Russia. I have once read in a news that she has to close all her public website and social accounts because of that.

At Tony Ward Fashion Show
Her dress at Tony Ward was not great, but, she carried it well. Her catwalk was good. 

In my point of view as well, I also count the hometown factor. She is 99% sure to be one of the top-15 girls, but, she performed more than I expected. She knows how to make people gaze at her. Plus, I like her gown so much.

~ Kim Yumi (Korea) ~

During the competition time, seeing videos and photos, I know that Kim Yumi is naturally beautiful and sweet. She's also got great curves. However, she is also one of the candidates I came to like only after the Preliminary Competition night. She has a cute expression and sexy catwalk. She knows how to show her tiny waist while she is walking. I think my jaw was dropping to see her look and lovely expression she gave on PC night. Well, she rocks. I will be very happy if  I could see this ASEAN beauty queen in top-5.

~ Yaritza Reyes (Dominican Republic) ~

Since before the competition started, I have noticed Yaritza among black beauties. I even talked about her in my posts. But, I still prefer Ms.Israel to Ms.DR. The reason I came to like her and add her into my favorite list might be because she fell at Yamamy Swimsuit Show. That fall makes people notice her. While I was watching the movie clip, I could even feel the hit. :(
What the hell, it's ridiculous to have a hole on the small runway. Anyway, Yaritza recovered fast, she stood up and continued the walk giving a jaw dropping catwalk. Many people applause her.
At the web interview, she also proves that she has a good personality.
At PC, her swimsuit performance is great in both sessions, but, she looks better in swimsuit competition. Maybe because her gown is not that great. I think she will be one of the top 15 girls on final night. Keep going, Yartiza.

~ Jakelyne Oliveira (Brazil) ~

Jakelyne is not one of my favorites, but, I believe she deserves to be one of the top-15 girls on the final night. Among all the contestants, she has a perfect body, dazzling catwalk and great aura. It is possible to say that she has the best curves of all the girls. In 2011 and 2012, Brazil could make it to top-5 and I feel that Jakelyne will keep up with this work. She could be in the top-5. Her excellent performance in both sessions, plus her stunning gown and the right choice of two-piece swimsuit, it is undeniable that she is worth for the MU2013's top-5 finalists. She simply just need to be in top-15, she will easily advance from top-10 to top-5 after that.

~ Yitayish Ayanaw (Israel) ~

She's a black barbie to me, the very first black Miss Israel, Ethiopia's pride.

She's got great hair, and she knows how to show it off. She flipped her hair fiercely both in Yamamay swimsuit show and PC's swimsuit session.
Flipping her hair at Yamamay Swimsuit Show
She is - Sweet, Humble, Graceful and Powerful... Tall and has a good bone structure.
She was not fierce or energetic on PC night. Her performance wasn't that appealing or hot. Still, she's in my fav; list cause she is effortlessly elegant . She'll be in!

~ Gabriela Isler (Venezuela) ~

I am a huge fan of last year Miss Venezuela, Irene Esser, but, not Gavriela's. She is not consistent in her looks and she looks so old in some photos.

Yes, of course, she's a Ms.Venezuela, needless to say she will have a great performance. Being a Miss Venezuela, she has
- facial beauty
- great and toned body
- height.... plus she is well-trained and well-prepared. She also did great on Tony Ward's Fashion Show.

At Tony Ward's Fashion Show
Dress-3, Tony Ward
However, she didn't carry her gown well on PC night, wrong choice on evening gown. The gown she wore on PC night seemed like it was going to drop. That will make her down. Whatever it is, she's a Miss Venezuela, she'll be in. Hope she would change the gown on final night.  

~ Erin Brady (USA) ~

Erin is not my taste, but, I agree that she is great and has a wonderful body. She looks a bit old sometimes though. The story that she has struggled to succeed also makes me interested in her. She also did really well on her "Truth & Dare" web interview.

One thing I would like to talk about her is her national costume. Some people are making fun of that. In my opinion, I think hers is something unique and it was a good idea. 

As for Erin, being the Miss USA, she has a potential to be in the top-15 list. On the PC night , she delivered well. She didn't disappoint people that much. Her motion was stunning, but, I feel that her gown is too bright. She should change her gown on final night. I would love to see her in top-15 and hope that she can advance up from there.

~ Monic Perez (Puerto Rico) ~

Monic has been a frontrunner since she becomes the MUPR. She's chosen to participate in almost all activities during MU2013 event: Tony Ward Fashion Show, Mercedes Benz car race, Emin video shoot,... and so on. She was also one of the best performers on Preliminary night. This elegant and well-prepared lady will surely be in top-15. There is a rumors people saying that  "the MU2013 will be a Latina". If it is true and the natural beauty is not the winning factor for MU2013, Monic can be the one to take the crown.

At Moscow Car Race
L to R : Pureto Rico, France, China
At CHI hair show

Tony Ward Fashion Contour, dress-1
Tony Ward Fashion Contour, dress-2

~ Olga Storozhenko (Ukraine) ~

Since before the competition started, I have known that she is the one to watch out for. And, due to the fact that Ukraine is having a good political connection with Russia, she also got a lot of attention. After seeing her performance at Tony Ward, I came to like her more and add her in my fav; list. In the photos also, she is gorgeous. I feel that she sometimes look like Oxana, my all-time-fav miss universe. ( Of course, Oxana is way better than her. Oxana has height, body, face and simplicity. :P )

Her face looks like Oxana here
She's a silent killer, I would say. When she walks, it looks like she is floating. Her facial expression is cool and mysterious. I sometimes feel confused, I don't know how to comprehend her facial expression. Sex Appealing? Well, I'm not sure :D .
But, what I am sure is she can be the Miss Universe 2013. If I compare Paulina with Olga, I like Paulina's personality more. But, I will admit that Olga performed better than Paulina on PC night. And, Olga also have other winning factors than Paulina. We must take note of the fact that MU2013 is held in Russia.

Tony Ward Fashion Show
Moscow Car Runway
Looking cozy in her National Dress

~ Amy Willerton (Great Britain) ~

A frontrunner!!! Amy is charming and she has a sweet personality. Most importantly, she is photogenic. She is consistent in photo shoots. She also has a good bone structure. Her hair is healthy and beautiful _ she also knows it. She flipped her hair on PC night. :D She was stunning that night, beautiful and sexy - but, I have no idea why she chose a heavy gown. The dress looks impressive, but, she could not walk well in that gown. When she was coming down from the stairs, she even had to pick it up. But, I think she should still be in top-15. Hope that Amy will stop the drought for Great Britain.

At Tony Ward Fashion Show

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + +

My top-16 list ends here. In fact, choosing top-16 is really a tough thing to do cause I feel uneasy to judge them and most of them are amazing. I would prefer to say whom I like, who are my favorites and what are their good points. ~"~

In addition to my top-16 list, I want to add nine more candidates in this post. So, there will be 25 in total. The additional 9 misses are from:

~ Jamaica: Kerrie has a great personality. I came to notice her when she was selected for Tony Ward Show with other 20 candidates. She was great there. Here "Truth and Dare" web interview was also cool. After seeing her interview, I have told my friends that she could be the big surprise of the MU2013 competition. On PC night, she did really well, she was bubbling with her radiant looks. She showed her curves and walked in an impressive way. Let me wait and see how the judges will decide.

~ Spain: She's the favorite for beauty experts and pageant fans, she's not my taste though. She can be in judges' semi-finalist.

~ South Africa: She was not famous this year, but, she delivered well on PC night. She also proves that she has the classy appearance.

~ Haiti: She was unexpectedly shinning on PC night. Her photo shoots during the event are also great.

~ Colombia: She's a true latina and I personally like her. Whether she will be in top-15 depends on her interviews and the judges' decisions.

~ Indonesia: She's still in my favorite list. Such an endearing girl!!! She's the best from Indonesia, I suppose. I truly love her. I just worried that she might not be the judges' taste. Her catwalk is also good, but, I think she needs to put some more expression and energy. She chose one-piece swimwear and her gown made her stuffed while she was walking.

~ Curacao: I came to like her only on PC night. She is a wonderful beauty queen. Her evening gown is elegant.

~ Croatia: She's a fierce beauty and she seems to believe in herself. That could be  a winning factor for her. And, I personally like her.

~ Phillipines: Compared to the previous 3 miss Philippines who made it to top-5 final, Arida wasn't that great. She was a bit dull in her web interview. On PC night, her swimsuit performance was good, but, she has no expression and I feel that she lacked confidence in evening gown session. Her hair style for the gown is also not very good. Whatever it is, since she was chosen in most activities of MU2013, she still has a chance to be in top-15.

This post ends here, thank you for reading.
witch83 (08/11/2013; 6:48PM; GMT+8)

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